I finally found the best place to get music lessons at home. The videos are like having a live music school in your home. I purchased the package deal and now my son learned how to play chess along with my daughter drawing along!"
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guitar in home music lessons

Guitar Music School - Kids

These guitar video lessons are a perfect place to start guitar in home music lessons. They will learn to play both acoustic and electric guitar.

group piano lessons

Piano Music School - Kids

These music lessons for kids cover both piano & digital keyboard! Not only will they learn how to play piano but also study rhythm, pitch and how to read musical notes.

kids chess for beginners pdf

Learn to Play Chess - Kids

This animated video is a highly entertaining for kids to learn how to play the game of chess. Your child will be getting you in checkmate in no time

how to draw step by step easy kids

Learn How to Draw - Kids

By using only letters and numbers, your child will learn how to draw animals, people, and more. These how to draw step by step easy videos are designed just for kids.

Guitar & Piano in Home Music Lessons

Music lessons for children begin with picking a good musical instrument to play. Guitar & piano are ranked the most popular instruments to start with for learning music lessons for a kid learning an instrument is the key for children’s development. Not only does it use another side of their brain but also brings excitement and happiness to kids. There is no better way a child can express their talents than learning to play music. Viewing these in and at home music lessons will give your child a head start in playing their favorite songs! These videos are fun and are like having a live music school in home.

Music Lessons for Children - Learning Guitar

One of the most important elements of guitar for kids to learn is how to play guitar chords. The image to the left is showing how to play the em chord guitar finger position which is known to be the easiest chord for kids to learn. Music lessons for kids should always start with learning the core foundation of guitar which is chords. Through these kids music lessons, your child will learn the 5 most important chords of guitar which will give them the ability to play many different popular songs today.

Old MacDonald on the Piano

In picture to the right, the classic kids song Old MacDonald on the piano is being played.  Your child will learn how to use all black keys on the piano by learning this song. This makes it very easier for the child to grasp the instrument in the beginning. Music lessons for children are highly recommending through piano because kids are visual learners and piano is known to be the easiest instrument to visually see what you are playing. Through this special in home music lessons your child with have their own private music school through any video playing device.  Click here for beginner keyboard lessons. 

Not only a music school but a chess club live too!

With kids current love of games, this is one of the best educational games to learn. Chess is not only fun to play, but will help your kids memory, attention span, and concentration.  Chess even improves reading skills!  In the picture, it displaying the importance of castling your king early.  It shows a baby in a crib to show the importance of protecting your king.  Having your king castling is very similar to having a baby in a crib to protect it from harm. Castling is just one of the many chess rules that your child will learn in how to play chess for kids. Enjoy not only in home music lesson but also chess lessons too!

How to Draw Cool Stuff Step by Step

One of the easiest things for kids to learn naturally is how to draw.  This video is designed to use the basic knowledge of letters & numbers as a starting point in each drawing.  Each drawing lesson has a video plus a page to go along with the drawing.  This makes it extremely easy for kids to learn the basic of drawing if it is started with the core of learning which is the alphabet and numbers.  Not only will these videos cover music lessons for children  but also art lessons too!

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ALL LESSONS - Package Deal!


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