Teaching Beginner Chess Lessons for Kids

These fun animated videos are teaching kids to play chess.  Easy to Learn Beginner Chess Lessons for Kids

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Featured in Video

  • 5 Benefits of Learning Chess
  • What is Chess?
  • Exploring Different Players
  • Movement of Pieces
  • Chess Rules for Kids
  • Strategies to Win the Game
  • Free Coloring Pages
  • And Much More!
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Is it called a Knight or a Horse?

I remember when I first learned how to play chess I called the chess piece that looked like an animal a “Horse.”  Later I found out that even though it looks like a horse the proper name is a “Knight.”  Regardless of what you called the rules of chess are still the same.  This classic game is one of the best to learn because it is has so many benefits! Not only is this game fun but it is very educational and helps kids develop important skills in learning.  The videos cover chess tactics & strategies which  are the perfect chess lessons for kids. Your child will learn how to win 4 four move checkmate.

of Chess Lessons for Kids

Why should I learn how to play chess?

  • Improves Your Memory
  • Enhances Your Reading & Math Skills
  • Promotes Critical Thinking & Creativity
  • Encourages & Rewards Hard Work
  • It's Just Plain Fun!


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  • Fully Animated Chess Video
  • Chess Pieces & Movment
  • Learn Rules of Chess
  • Teaching Chess for Kids
  • Free Chess Coloring Booklet


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  • Learn How to Play Chess
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This DVD is featured on amazon and currently has over 4 star rating.  This would make a great gift for teaching kids how to play chess. The animated videos are entertaining chess lessons for kids. 

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