Kids Guitar Lesson in 10 Steps!

kids guitar lesson having fun In these 10 steps I will your child a glimpse of how to play guitar. In all the images below are photos of my children.  My son James is in most of the photos and my daughter is only in a couple. With teaching kids guitar lessons, it can be difficult at first but after only learning one chord they will want to learn more.

1. Picking the Best Kids Guitar

kid picking electric guitar
My son is picking his favorite guitar which is electric.


 There are three main different types of guitars. You have electric, acoustic, and classical. Both electric and acoustic guitars have steel strings while classical guitars have nylon strings.  The nice thing about a classical guitar is the strings are much easier because of this.  The neck is also usually wider on the classical guitar. For my son, his favorite guitar to play right now is electric.  He says it is easier to play and he likes the sound better.  I will have a review later on this website regarding my son’s guitar (kids electric guitar).  But any type of guitar will work in guitar lessons for kids. There are two things you need to judge when choosing a guitar. Is the guitar comfortable to hold?  Is it easy for my kid guitar lessons regarding playing notes and chords.

2. Kids Tuning the guitar

kids tuning electric guitar
My daughter is holding the tablet with the “guitar tuna” app while my son is tuning the high e string on the electric guitar.

 With tuning the guitar, I believe the best way and “free” way to tune your guitar is with an app through your phone or tablet.  As you can see my daughter is holding the tablet while my son is tuning the guitar.  Is it important though you are watching your child while they do this to make sure they don’t over tune the guitar. The best app and rated #1 is “guitar tuna” It is very user friendly for both kids tuning and kids guitar lessons. 

3. Memorizing the Names of the Guitar Strings

my son is learning the guitar strings by memorizing the phrase “Elephants and Donkeys Grow Big Ears”

The name of the guitar strings are EADBGE but an easier way for kids to memorize it is “Elephants and Donkeys Grow Big Ears”

names of guitar strings color
Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears – Guitar Strings

4. Learning The Easiest Two Basic Chords.

The two  guitar chords I recommend learning first are the Em chord and the A2 chord.

kid playing Em guitar chord
  • E Minor Chord: Place your middle and ring fingers on the second frets of the Yellow (A String) and Blue (D String.)


kid playing A2 guitar chord
  • A2 Major Chord: The A2 chord also uses two fingers and is exactly the same shape as the E minor chord. Place your middle and rings fingers also on the second fret but on different strings which are the Blue (D String) and Orange (G String.)

Learning this two chords will give your kids guitar lesson a fun and easy start!

5. Learning the Easiest Song First

This video is of my son playing “Smoke on the Water”  This is the first tabs he learned on the guitar.  He actually learned chords first.  I would recommend either they first learn chords on the guitar first or a very easy one string tab like this one.

6. Repeat, repeat, repeat

practice make perfect kids guitar lesson
My son repeating the kids guitar lesson again. Practice makes perfect!

Repetition is a very important part of learning for kids. In college, one of my professor said something to us that I will never forget. I teach college students the same way I teach kindergarten students. Everything I teach I repeat three times.  If me as a college student needs to hear the same thing three times it is even more important for kids.  It is best the kids guitar lesson is repeated at least 2 or 3 times a day for a short time of only 5 to 10 minutes will be fine.

7. Does your child like playing single notes or chords better?

my son strumming away on the guitar

Regarding my son,  the first thing he learned was chords on the guitar; however, he discover playing single notes and making a song was much more fun.  He doesn’t enjoy strumming guitar chords as much.  At this point he finds playing single notes easier and more enjoyable, but I believe he will enjoy both playing chords and riffs on the guitar equally exciting.  For the next  kids guitar lesson, he will need to work on his strumming

8. Give support to singing with the kids guitar lesson

my son is singing while playing the classical guitar

At first my son did not want to sing but it will come naturally to him the more he plays the guitar.  It is important to have patience regarding singing because strumming the chords of the kids guitar and singing at the same time will take some patience and practice.

9. Practicing little and often is the secret key to learning how to play kids guitar

plucking away at the electric guitar

Rather than jamming a kids guitar lesson in an half an hour, it is best to split that 30 minutes to three times in a day.  If three times is too much, then splitting the lesson to two times a day an only 10 minutes per lesson.  With my daughter who is only  4 years old, she can only handle a 5 minute lesson at this point. Again for best results with kids guitar lessons is  to have several very shorts practice sessions rather than one long guitar lesson.

10. Most important part is have fun!

kids having fun jamming on the guitars

Every kids guitar lesson needs to be fun.  Sometimes they won’t be serious but there kids!  My son in the picture above is playing the kids guitar like a drum but that is okay! Even if they are being goofy, it is the joy they have that brings happiness to the parents.